Assistive Technology Center
  • Goals

Assistive Technology Resource Center is a multidisciplinary service that aims to promote independent living and quality of life of people with disabilities through the use of appropriate assistive devices. It adheres to the items required in the “People with Disabilities Resource Collaboration, Research and Development and Service Regulation”, and provides comprehensive services including education on assistive devices, consultation, assessment, repair, recycling, rental, display and in-home assistive devices, etc.


  • Service Users

For person who is a registered citizen in any one of the 10 service areas in the city of Taichung (North, Central, Eastern, Southern, Nantun, Western, Xitun District, Dali District, Uri District and Fog Peak District) and under any one of the following categories:

1. Person with disabilities

2. Schools, organizations and groups

3. General public, short-term (under 6 months) needs for assistive devices


  • Services

1. We offer consultation on assistive devices and connections to relevant resources. Through the platform of integrated resources, the Center provides consultation for services on assistive devicesand gives referrals to various resources.

2. We exhibit displays of assistive devicesand promote them within the community by providing tours and explanations on thedevicesand the services related. Using various networks, we promoteassistive device services to the community.

3. We provide interdisciplinary assessments, follow-up services, and in-home services (if necessary) for the appropriate assistive device.

4. We provide assistive devicemaintenance and touring services at regular locations, to maintain the overall performance and appropriateness of the device.

5. We offer assistive device rental (co-share and donations) and recycling services in order to make better use and effectiveness of assistive device resources

6. We provide person with disabilities relevant education and training on assistive devices, professional training for staff working with assistive devices, and practical internship


  • Service Hours   Monday to Friday 8:30-12:00 ; 13:00-17:00 
  • Service Address   No.450, Sec.1, Dongxing Rd., Nantun District Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  (Taichung City Love Home 1F) 
  • Contact Info.    Tel.: +886-4-24713535 ext.1177  /  Fax: +886-4-24754039  /  E-mail: